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September 1, 2022

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California legislative session wraps up with climate wins

Yesterday — on the final day to pass legislation in 2022 — California state lawmakers delivered historic policies that will reduce climate pollution and protect frontline communities. We are so grateful to the climate and environmental justice advocates who came together to successfully demand bold, equitable policies. We are also deeply grateful to Governor Newsom, our state legislators, and their staff for summoning the courage to put people and science before polluter profits. 

California is now ready to fast-track natural climate solutions, rein in fossil fuel pollution in frontline communities, and deploy safe, reliable, and clean energy.

Five key climate bills headed to Governor Newsom’s desk include:

  • AB 1757 (C. Garcia and Rivas): Requires state agencies to set targets for natural carbon removal on natural, agricultural, and urban lands, based on legislation sponsored by The Climate Center earlier in the session (AB 2649, C. Garcia). The Climate Center organized more than 80 organizations to sign on in support and hundreds of people like you advocated for this bill!
  • SB 1137 (Gonzalez): Establishes 3,200-foot public health setbacks between new oil and gas wells and homes, schools, playgrounds, and hospitals, an effort led by the VISIÓN coalition.
  • AB 1279 (Marutsachi): Establishes a statutory target for reaching carbon neutrality and reducing emissions at least 85 percent by no later than 2045.
  • SB 1020 (Laird): Accelerates California’s interim clean electricity targets, including a goal to reach 90 percent by 2035.
  • SB 1314 (Limón): Bans the use of enhanced oil recovery, a practice commonly employed by the oil and gas industry in fossil fuel carbon capture and storage. 

Thank Governor Newsom for his leadership and urge him to sign these bills into law now. 

The package of bills that passed last night are the most ambitious climate action from the California legislature in years. There is, however, more work to be done.

AB 2133 (Quirk) would have accelerated the state’s emissions reduction target to 55 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. The bill fell just four votes short of passing out of the Assembly, but there’s still a critical opportunity to secure an accelerated target in the California Air Resources Board Scoping Plan five-year update due by December. Take action to urge an accelerated target here.

For years, California has had the tools and know-how to lead the world toward a climate-safe future. Now, thanks to the activism of thousands of people like you, our elected leaders are beginning to summon the political will to do what it takes.


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Take Action

Urge Governor Newsom to sign these climate bills

Tell the California Air Resources Board: 2045 is too late

Endorse the Climate-Safe California Campaign


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